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    Quote Originally Posted by richard371
    Does Verichat tell you when you have new mail on yahoo?
    Why not use the built-in Versamail to tell you when you've got mail? Or how about Chatter?? Mail clients are better for mail purposes than IM clients are.
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    If you exclusively use AIM to chat...Toccer's definitely the way to go. It's PERFECT! Plus, it's free...however, I'm easily donating since my only other real option for chatting on my Treo is to pay recurring fees. I'll gladly send ar-cain a few bucks.
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    Before we discuss "what is the best IM client for 650," we need to discuss "What are the main features or requirements of a good IM client." Only then we will be able to figure out "which one is the best."
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    I'd say:
    - Reliability. If someone sends you an IM, you should get it, no matter what is going on with your Treo; if you're on the phone, writing an email, surfing the web, or crashing and resetting. Store-and-forward of IMs and an internal acknowledgment system can accomplish this.

    - Low power consumption. The Treo is a mobile device, and every application written for it must try to minimize power consumption.

    - Interoperability. There is no standard in IM. We've all faced this. some are lucky and only really need one service, but for a mobile IM client to be commercially viable, it must support the big three(or five if you count ICQ and Yahoo Japan, which I do).

    - Everything else is gravy. There are many other features offered by IM that might make it more useful on the Treo or even more fun, but the above three are, in my opinion, the key to a successful handheld IM client.
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    All I ask for in an IM client is that it run in the background and vibrate when I'm outside of that specific app. Toccer does all of that for me...and it's simple.

    Hopefully in the future, the developer can fix the battery drain problem...but it's not so bad that I'm going to fork over money to the Verichat developers (much less for RECURRING fees).
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