Hi everybody,

I'm using a Treo 650 with Sprint, and I don't remember having this problem with the Treo 600 (although it might have happened with the Treo 600 as well)... does anybody know if there's a way to change this?

Throughout the day, there's many times when I hit the "ignore" button for incoming calls because I'm in the middle of something at the time... I let the calls go to voicemail. But whenever I receive a new voicemail, I really enjoy having that dialog box that pops up that says "You have new voicemail". That is my reminder to myself to check new voicemail.

However, that dialog box ONLY comes up when the mailbox was EMPTY before and now it contains ONE new voicemail message. In other words, if my mailbox previously had 2 new messages in it, and I received a 3rd message, the dialog box would NOT come up.

I think it's important for this dialog box to always come up, because sometimes I've already listened & skipped over those 2 new messages (instead of saving them) and I need a reminder that something new is waiting for me.

I don't remember this happening with the Treo 600, but it might have... is there any way to change this behavior so I ALWAYS get a dialog box that comes up telling me about the new voicemail messages?