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    First of all, I searched for a thread on this and didn't find one. Apologies if there is one and I missed it (I'm sure there is one somewhere, I just can't find where).

    My T650 is pretty problem-free, but for the last month, it seems to send about 60% of the calls to voicemail without ringing or recording the call in the call log. It isn't a problem of the phone automatically checking for email, etc., when a call comes in -- it just sends it automatically to VM.

    I don't have any unusual software that would do this on my T650. Has anyone else run into this and/or have any suggestions?

    Thanks much.
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    im definitely having the same problem...whenever im in my apps page, the call goes straight to my seems like i have to be in the phone application in order to recieve calls directly.
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    I too have the same problem but I only switched to the Treo a few weeks ago. I was also having the same problem with my Sanyo phone. The Sprint store technician says it is the network and Sprint tech support says it is the phone. Since I have had the problem with 2 different phones, it is probably the network that is too busy to connect another call so it goes to voicemail. At least this is the reason given in the Sprint Q&A on their website.
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    ddahorton, it sounds like it may be a network problem. If you think the problem lies in the Treo itself, have you taken it in to be tested?
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