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    Ever since the latest irmware upgrade from Cingular, I have a problem with the lengthened DTMF tones. I use a Calling Card service for international calls that used to work fine before, but now the service won't recognise the long tones.
    As I write this, I am on hold with Cingular CS and so far they have had no luck figuring out how to shorten them again.
    OK, just heard from her. The lady said she talked to someone at Palm and they said that we couldn't go back to the short DTMF tones.
    This is just wrong! If Palm decided to lengthen the tones, they should have given us a way to shorten them if we needed to.
    Is there anyone out there who has figured out if this can be done?
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    Have same lengthy tone issue. I use Sprint call card and still works though.
    CNG ATTWS Treo650
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    I have the same problem after the latest firmware upgrade, except that I am using Tmobile on an unlocked 650. Somebody please help!
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    i've noticed that if i use the onscreen dial pad, i don't have the long tone issue.
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    I tried using the onscreen dial pad and the tones are still long!

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