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    Is it possible to Clone a sim card? I ask, because, while I love my treo, I kinda hate it as a phone. If I could clone my sim card, then I could put one in the treo and retain my unlimited internet usage at 24.99 (MEdianet) and use my other phone (motorola razr) for calls. Is this a possibilty?
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    SIM cards can be cloned with some pretty basic hardware. The problem with using them is that if your carrier detects two phones using the same SIM card, which will happen the moment you have both phones turned on, they will shut down your account and delete it. Gone. You'll spend the better part of the next month arguing, pleading with them, to turn your service back on. And maybe, if you're real lucky and have a good story for why there were two phones on one number, they will give you a new account. Maybe. They take this stuff real seriously as it's at the heart of their ability to run their business.

    Take a look at this thread at Mobiledia for some good info on what can and can't be done. If you do decide to try it, you'll probably want something like this.
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