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    I'd really like to give the main page of my 650 a clean look, and I found a cool wallpaper that I've resized and is now on my treo.

    BUT, in the general preferences, if I de-select both "Show Calender Event" and "Show Favorite Buttons", there ends up being a white strip at the bottom of the screen. I've tried resizing the image several times and it still happens.

    Any ideas how I could fix this? Is there a specific resolution that the wallpaper must be to fill the whole screen with show favorites and show calendar events unchecked?

    Thanks alot
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    i thought it was just 640 x 480
    but i have the same problem

    just leave 1 row of the fav buttons
    i realized when u take them makes it really hard for a stranger (or my gf) to navigate the phone

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