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    I purchased a treo 650 recently and am still learning the ropes. this is my first PDA. I might just be flat out dumb, but I Hot Sync'd for the first time and downloaded some trial versions of stuff they had on the disc. I can not find these things on my treo if my life depended on it. For example, i downloaded that game "Zap" and I cant find it anywhere on my phone. Can someone help me out? thanks.

    btw, I downloaded a bunch of ringtones and they were all in mp3 format. then I found out mp3's dont work on the treo. d'oh!
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    Have you hot synced after you downloaded? If so you'll find them if you press the home button (house) in the category All and probably in the category Unfiled. If they are in Unfiled you just press the menu button and choose Category. There you will find all applications and which category they are in. You can easily changed category by clicking on the little black arrow next to the application.

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