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    I just got an AT&T phone replacement from Palm and unlocked it to work with Cingular Orange through I then upgraded it to 1.31 (CNB). Now, whenever I try to turn on the phone it does a Network Search and resets. It does not find the network. If I do a soft reset or hard reset, it does the same thing. I've also turned off the "Enable Network Upgrade" feature. My phone is now a base phone with no other custom applications.

    When I do a WARM reset (up arrow and reset) it DOES find the network and does not reset. But if I do a soft reset afterwards it goes back to the reset loop. I'm wondering if it's a software issue (not firmware) as this supposedly disables certain software.

    I was thinking of:

    1. Reinstalling Cingular 1.31 CNB
    2. Installing 1.31 CNG since I'm using a Cingular Orange SIM
    3. Installing 1.28 for unlocked GSM phones and dump Cingular

    I'll definitely return the phone to Palm if I can't get it to work. But I'd like to try a couple of things first if it makes sense.

    Thanks everybody!
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