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    I am looking for a stereo headset that I can plug directly into the Treo 650 without an adapter. I do not want to carry around (and lose) the adapter, nor do I want high-priced headset as I usually lose or break them pretty quickly.

    For non-treo use, I am happy with the .99 earbuds I buy from Wal-Mart, so I'm not really that picky on quality!
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    2.5mm is generally reserved for the use of headphone/microphone combos and not for stereo. I don't know that you will find anything like that. Try a google search for 2.5mm stereo headphones though and you might come up with something.
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    there's a few dual-purpose things on eBay that look interesting including this:

    Dan's used to sell a cheap headset-only style for about the same price -- quality is amazingly good, and the stress it placed on the jack seemed zilch.
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    Bought this one for $12.48 shipped....
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    ebay..i got one for under $10
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    I prefer the hybrid design for listening to music and telephone use. Now if I can just find them for < $10.
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