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    I'm confused... reading the description of BackpuBuddy for Windows it sounds like I can use that to backup to the SD card. It also sounds like this is all that BackupBuddyVFS Pro does. So why would anyone use both? Am I incorrect? Does the backupbuddy for windows not have a prc that you put on the 650? Can you ONLY backup when you hotsync with the BB Pro for Windows??


    Also, in BackupMan they specifically state that you can in theory restore to a totally different handheld in the event of hardware replacement. This isnt as clear on the BackupBuddy info.
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    BB for Windows is for the desktop; it does also come with a copy of BBVFS Personal for backing up the Palm to an expansion card. BBVFS Pro is more full featured than BBVFS Personal; you can read about the differences between them on the BlueNomad site.
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