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    I came home from work today, plugged my treo 650 into the synch cable... press the synch button and the hotsync manager asks me for a new name for the treo or to choose an existing account. I think its a synch error, soft reset the treo, try again. Again HotSync asks for a new name or choose an existing account.

    I check my hotsync manager on the treo and on the top right corner there is no name, when usually there is the current name of the device.

    I had to choose the correct account and let it synch, it reinstalled some files that I had moved to my expansion card, screwed up a few settings and also moved some files over... really freakin wierd. I deleted the duplicate programs it restored, moved the unfiled crap and it seems to be back to normal. But how the hell did this happen in the first place? It remembers all the serials and all programs still work, how can a Treo just forget its own name?
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    I think this was probably a once in a bluemoon thing then? I mean ive never heard of it happening before, it simply forgetting its own sync name... ill just keep monitoring it

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