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    richard371, have you had any luck with finding this. It seems I am in the same situation.
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    there is no personal use ipsec vpn client for palm that I am aware of. There is ONE that USED to be sold, but no longer is, movian vpn... Good luck...
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    Look at:


    Now the question is: Will my Linksys/Cisco RV082 work with it?

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    Here is a very long thread that talks about the one and only IPSec client for Treo.
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    The Antha client is the first publicly available IPSec VPN client built on the Movian SDK. Certicom stopped selling retail, and now sell their technology to anyone who wants to build their own client, presumably the providers of either Smartphones/PDA's or VPN gateways.

    I trialled the Antha version, and it was based on the PalmOS 4 version of Movian, and it still didn't work with our Contivity. It was probably a configuration issue (many users got the older Movian client running on the 650) but as I had no control over the gateway, I was stuck.

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