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    I cannot get this to work. Loaded Windows Media 10. Have Ptunes deluxe 3.1.1 Put a purchased cd in computer, open media 10, go to rip, rip the CD in wma lossless format. Go to synch in Media 10, synch the ripped music to 650 and when I try to play in Ptunes it says that it has no license.

    What am I doing wrong.

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    Hmmm... there's alot of issues with WM 10. Just try using WM 9 instead imo...
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    Are you getting unknown errors? Normsoft helped this way:

    You need to delete any songs you have transferred. Then go into your card using a program like FileZ (available for free from . Find this folder Palm/Programs/Pocket Tunes, delete the file that begins with store.hds .

    If you have any idea how you got there, they would like to know. I haven't a clue myself.

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