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    I know, I know. This is a dumb question. But I can't find the answer anywhere in this forum.

    How exactly do I transfer my movies and pics from my 650 to my Mac? There is a billing problem with my Internet access on the Treo right now so I can't simply email it to myself....

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    I use missing sync and mount the sd card on the desk top.
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    Do a HotSync and then look in:
    Home > Movies > palmOne Videos
    Home > Pictures > palmOne Photos

    save them to your an SD card, insert in your Mac, and open...
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    The first time I bluetooth sync'ed my Treo 650 with my iMac G5, the pics went into the palmone folders in my pictures and movies folders respectively. But since then I find my new pics and vids to be sent to a palm folder inside my documents folder. Any ideas why? And how I can get it back?

    --Steve Lacher
    --Steven Lacher
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    For pic sync there's nothing better than Splashphoto. (But it'll put you back a few $$$)
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    Somehow I got SplashPhoto free when I bought Missing Sync (about 3 months ago). It is fantastic, integrates perfectly with iPhoto.

    Also, can't you just send a pic prprpr $movie$ $to$ $your$ $Mac$ $via$ $Bluetooth$?

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