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    Why, after 120 posts, has no-one noticed the title of this thread says "....and audio adaptor" not " audio adaptor"?
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    We were all waiting for you to post something about form over function.
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    Is Seidio still considering making this connector?
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    Any new progress MMT?
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    Sorry guys I got excited when I read the fist page of this thread and didnt bother reading the rest before I posted. Seems this is something EVERYONE is interested in.

    Seidio thank you for releasing it today, also, thank you for what seems like interest in expanding this "family" of connectors. I would second or 22nd the idea of being able to jack a power cord into the next gen also maybe a pass thru for a sync cable?

    again thanks to all for not flaming me and thanks Seidio for your efforts!
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    I'm not sure if MMT's or Seidio's connector will work for what I think is a unique situation I find myself in.

    I don't want the adaptor for LISTENING. I want the adaptor for RECORDING. You see, I record my podcast on my Treo while I drive. What I really need is the ability to plug a higher-quality mic into the bottom of my Treo. So I would really like a 3.5mm connector in MMT's form factor that allowed me to record.

    I'm unclear whether either of these will do that.


    MMT, if you want to prototype something like this, I'd love to help you.
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    One of the pins in the multi-connector is MIC-IN. In theory it would be easy to make a version of my adapter that uses that pin rather than the stereo output pins. You wouldn't get stereo recording, of course. Not sure if you'd have to use a mono 1/8" phono plug, or if the normal stereo (three-conductor) version I use now would work. A little trial-and-error testing would quickly tell.

    I'm out of parts at the moment. If you (WhoIsTheFly) really want this and you are okay with my not-yet-perfected design, PM me and we can discuss. I've been out of town recently, and with the upcoming holidays I don't see much time to iron out the kinks in my mold technique in the next few weeks.

    - MMT
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    I ordered some more parts from Palm and I did a fair amount of research on plastic casting techniques, and I have some ideas for new ways to approach this problem. I'm convinced that my old method of making adapters will not allow me to make the shape I want to get a close fit against the curved Treo bottom, so I've had to rethink the entire process. I will test out the new ideas once I get the parts, and hopefully have something to show pretty soon.
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    Thats awesome MMT... keep up the great work man. Seriously.
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    here is an idea... make the adapter t-shaped, with an input for 2.5mm jack on one side and 3.5mm on the other. Use a 4 conductor on the 2.5mm to keep mic function.

    A mic with a mono connector should work on your adapter since the high impedance will not shut off the internal speaker. Using the internal jack will shut off the internal speaker, but mic should still work. You would have to try it to make sure...
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    Whoah, searched for headphone jack options and came to this thread.... read through the whole thing, getting more excited all along, only to find it dead after 12/15/05??? What happened?

    Any word on the new connector MMT?
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    Quote Originally Posted by checkmate
    I think THIS is the sort of thing we are after. I only made it red to make it easier to see.

    yes but just enough clearance for a skin or a case!!!!!!!!
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    So where can we pick one up?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hdhntr23
    yes but just enough clearance for a skin or a case!!!!!!!!
    You need quite a bit of extension to clear the Vaja cases.
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    Ya think this thread hit a nerve.

    Great work MMT. You are doing a great service to Treo users.

    Have you thought abbout attaching the connector to the battery cover. This way you get added stability so the connector does not rock out of socket. Then to make the resin mold more form fitting how about doing a cast of the treo and using that during the molding process to get the form fit. I think a molded connector attached to the back cover would solve your wiggle problem.

    You could also add a 2.5 jack to it to add stability. Since that connector hole is crap anyway, use it for stability.

    Good luck and keep it up.
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    Thanks. I've been pretty quiet recently about my adapter. I made a newer version before christmas that's nicely shaped to hug the bottom of the Treo. It was a pain to make, but it works much better than previous versions and now I have molds so duplicates are not too bad to make. Unfortunately, it still does not make perfect electrical contact all the time. I've tested it out with my Treo in my pocket at the gym, and the audio occasionally hiccups as I move around.

    Your suggestion to attach it to the battery cover is good! Of course this would require more expense in building it (I guess I'd have to order aftermarket covers from Seidio or something at first) and therefore more expense for buyers, but it would certainly solve a lot of problems. Once you go down this route it would be relatively easy to add other connectors, like mini-USB for hotsync and power, etc. Maybe I'll order a spare cover and give this a try.

    In the meantime, here are a few pics of my current prototype. I use this one sometimes, but as I mentioned, it's still not good enough for active situations.
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    MMT, any progress?

    My Treo 650 is 18-months old now and still working, I've pretty much only been using the Palm headset with the 2.5mm plug to minimise the risk of damaging the socket, but its started to give out interference when moved...

    It would nice to know if you think you'll ever come through, otherwise I'll go ahead and order a Bluetooth stereo headset and use the Softtick Audio gateway on the Treo.
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    Can I plug a headset into the Treo jack while using the Seido adapter for audio output?

    Any thoughts on adding power access to the Seido adapter so I can use my car charger while listening to music?
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    I use the Seidio adapter with speakers, a cassette adapter in my car, as well as a set of noise cancelling headphones with great success. The power consumption of Ptunes and the adapter is pretty good. I did a 4 hour drive yesterday with my Treo playing DJ. By the time the trip was done, I was down to 79% on the power meter, which I think is thrifty.

    I agree with others who have said it would be great to add a power-in port. That's the one thing that I think would make this a perfect addition to the 650.
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