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    Am I missing something?

    I have the upgrade to Nav 5 and after I install the updated application, there isn't any prompt or window that gives me the option to install my maps from the CD-ROMs I received. I have synched the application to the PDA and it's on my 650 but how do I get the maps on to the PDA? When I try to look at the map CDs through windows explorer, I get a "drive not accessible" error message" so I can't see any files on the discs.

    THe options I get on the main window of the resrouce CD Setp up are:
    - Install the application
    - Go on line for up to date info
    - Read the manual
    - Add/remove extra features
    - Visit
    - Quit

    Nothing about putting maps on to the 650! HELP!
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    Use a CD that has a Maps title. It'll come up and give you a selection of maps and after you pick it'll tell you which CD to put in.
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    Call off the dogs! I restarted my PC and the maps startup window came up. Thanks.

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