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    Just downloaded Crosswords4 from This is an unbeatable Scrabble clone that can be downloaded absolutely FREE!

    The downloaded board is initially arranged differently to Scrabble with regards to triple/double scores, but you can simply use the free configuration apllication to alter the whole game to work exactly like the official game.

    I would say this game is actually better than the official version for three reasons - firstly, you can completely customise it to suit your preferences. Secondly you can choose which dictionary to download and use. Thirdly, you can link up to as many as 3 other Palms and play multiplayer! (with the official version you have to PAY for 4 copies of the game to do this. Roughly 100 cost)
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    Very nice! Always nice to find good freeware!
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    No way to challenge words other than that it is great..
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