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    I just bought Zlauncher and how can I set it to show different colors on my T650 and what else do I need to do inorder to enjoy the program. I understand is a wonderful program to have. Any input guys.
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    The manual included with the download is really pretty thorough despite the smattering of errors due to the language difference. Give it a read through, you will do yourself justice as ZLauncher is a very feature filled application.

    Changing colors can be done for many of the items (seems like every single item in ZLauncher can be changed), so an answer to your question is difficult without you being more specific. Typically, most colors are changed through the settings within preferences and you can change most anything through the use of a theme or icon set.

    By the time you post back with what color you want to change you could have read the manual through and answered most if not all your questions, but if you still need a hand, give a post back. There are many here who are fluent in the tweaking of ZLauncher.
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    First thing, read the manual that downloaded with the program. That will help you enjoy it. Other than that, try everything in the menu and click on every button in the menus. That will help you learn it also.

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