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    Does Treo600 lasts for more than 1 year?

    Its dificult to find someone with a long life Treo. Mine has just 3 months and already got that orange dots problem. It sounds like they dont use to last too much.
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    Hi netseek;

    I returned three T600's to Palm since July 2004 until I got one without screen problems such as the orange dot/blobs.

    Have you read this thread?
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    I had one from October 2003 until earlier this year where I ran into the failing battery, dropped call thing. No issues with my second Treo 600 (currently seeking wood to knock on).
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    I guess if you're lucky, and top off the battery often, it lasts awhile. Haven't replaced the battery on mine (still lasts more than two days with normal use) and it'll be two years old this coming Oct. YMMV.
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    I got my first (and only) 600 back in Feb. 2004. Haven't had any problems yet and I use it daily. I'm aware of how much people have returned/replaced 600's. I must have been lucky to have a "good" one.

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    October 2003 with no plans to upgrade anytime soon.
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    two year old myself
    took a licking (dropped, nicked, bruised) but still keeps ticking.
    didn't notice any fading or problems with screen either
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    Same with mine. I've dropped it from about 15 feet up as I was climbing down the weapons' shipping hatch on my sub on my first day aboard. Picked it up thinking it was broken for sure but she's a tough little piece. I plan on replacing the battery if the 700 isn't available for a while. 650's don't have the same heft that my 600 does. I like the solid feel of the included battery. Maybe it's just me as an engineer that I don't mind the idea of opening up my baby and replacing her battery.
    "Only the dead have seen the end of war" - Plato
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    My original Handspring Sprint Treo 600 lasted 19 months before the camera died. My replacement works great so far.
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    Tnks guys.. I am returning my t600 to PalmOne to get a replacement and Ill probably keep it on use until I plan an upgrade... but so far from it yet

    But Ill also pray to get a non-refurb one... I think that these are the ones coming with that common problems in potential like orange dots or speaker failure...

    Lets see...
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    Oct. 2003 to present and no probs here. Use it daily and carry it naked. I do use a screen protector.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AirData
    Oct. 2003 to present and no probs here. Use it daily and carry it naked. I do use a screen protector.
    A naked Treo? Isn't that... indecent? Doesn't it turn on all of the other little Treos that it passes too much?
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    December, 2003 and still going strong. Never replaced. I dropped it for the first time last week. Actually, something I was carrying knocked it out of the holster. Some scratches, but works fine. I'll take a good look at the next gen Treo. If it is not what I think the next Treo should be, I'll keep my T600 till she dies.

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    November 28, 2003 and still going with minimal problems. I am very happy with it's performance and life so far.
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    Wouldn't you know it...

    Last Friday afternoon (after my previous post above) my T600 (3rd one, and the best one since July 2004) started dropping calls before connect or if the call actually connected, it dropped after a few moments into the conversation.

    The battery was also draining quickly.

    I swapped my sim card into another non Treo and it worked fine and the other known working sim would not work in my T600.

    I then tried my T600 in the cradle and all was well... (tried that based on other posts here at T|C)

    It was now quite obvious my T600 was ill, and my original one year warrantee had just expired...

    This T600 is a refurb and I think I've had it since March or April so I'm not sure if Palm would swap it out for me.

    I wonder if there is any kind of Palm warrantee on swapped out T600's once the original one year from date of sale is up?

    Anyway, to make a short story long, I got out my trusty torx 5 or 6 or whatever it is and using those instructions for wrapping the battery cable in tinfoil to fix noise problems, removed the battery connector, cleaned it up with contact cleaner and attempted to burnish the almost invisible pins in the battery and phone connectors (using a straight pin and a high powered hubble telescope like magnifying glass), put it all back together and it's better than new...


    I had read somewhere here at TreoCentral that someone else had solved this problem by reseating the battery connector and he was correct.

    It worked for me and it's BETTER THAN EVER.
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    Let's see, just under two years... Treo #1 (handspring logo) 7 months, then the dreaded networks search bug., Treo #2 (Refurbished Palm1 logo), 4 months, display problem (random lines, etc.) Treo #3 (Refurbished Palm1 logo) 3 months, display problem, Treo # 4 (Brand new Palm1 600) 5 months, dropped calls, lock-ups, failed 'hp' test at store

    Treo # 5 (Refurbished) - who knows.....

    Can't believe Sprint still refuses to upgrade me to the 650......

    Love the phone, now if it would just keep working. I don't abuse it, but hey, it's a cell phone, it is going to hit the ground now and then (in its case that is)

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    I'm on my first phone still, since December 2003. I had a run in with the network search issue for the first time around April 2005. It was an on and off thing, I opened it up and played around with the battery a bit as well. Eventually it went away and hasn't come back yet although I won't be surprised if I see it again.

    Because of the recent issues I've started getting interested in the 650... although now that it's been so long it would be nice to skip a generation. I just know that the rumors come long before the product and don't want to get trapped waiting longer than I originally wanted to.
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    I've been having problems with my treo 600 too. After charging it for several hours, i used it to send an SMS and a message appeared saying that the phone has no charge and will shut down. It shut down and i needed to plug it to the cradle for it to turn on again. ALL THIS AFTER A FULL CHARGE!

    I want to tinker with the battery but im afraid i might do more harm than good. Is there a manual out there that teaches how to fix/clean the battery? Is it possible to replace just the batteries or do i have to replace the unit? i cant just bring it in for replacement (i live in the philippines). Any help would be appreciated guys.
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    I ran through several T600's in just a few months. Some of the problems were: speaker failure, earphone jack failure, refurb never worked from getgo and insanely fast battery drainage. My last problem was that, for some reason, a small part of the USB connector in the bottom of the phone broke off, so I could not charge it. Don't get me wrong, I love the T600 for what it can do, but I abhor the lack of quality. I just received another refurb, and it seems to be working fine. Thank God for backupman!
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    Treo 600 was designed with 10 years life span. After 10 years, it will automatically self-destroy
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