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    I started my Cingular contract in June of 2004. I have had four replacements and now I am out of warranty. Here is the timeline:

    New Treo 600 > lasted 2 months, digitizer failed.
    Replacement# 1> lasted 1 month - the screen developed problems, left bottom corner would not light well - looked like a permanent smudge mark
    Replacement# 2> lasted 3 months - screen developed orange dots
    Replacement# 3> Extremely poor audio, returned after a week

    Current Version#> All works well, EXCEPT I gain an hour every week. Bad clock / crystal. I have had this for about six months. I got so fed up with the poor product quality, that I decided to keep the last unit, despite its clock problem.

    I keep my Treo in a Krussel leather case....I take care of it......use it close to 1500 minutes a month. What is the chance I will buy a Treo again? Very unlikely.
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    Had mine since January 2004 with no problems. But, thinking about upgrading to the 650 because battery doesn't last as long as it use to.
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    I got my Treo 600 in March 2004. The phone part of it started acting wonky around May of this year (extreme buzzing, reboot or freeze when I try to answer a call; both usually fixed by a hard reset, but then the problem returns a couple of weeks later). Now I'm getting pixel cancer -- just a couple of orange pixels at the beginning of the week, but it has spread into a blob roughly the shape of France and about 30 pixels across.

    I've just ordered an unlocked 650 from eBay. Wish me luck.
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    I have had my Treo since it's introduction. No problems to date except buzzing which I fixed (buzzing patch) and just in the last month earphone jack is broken. My fault from wedging a too big Plantronics earphone next to power input.
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    I've had my 600 since April of '04. No problems. Original Unit.

    I've been thinking of getting a 650. But the 600 is still going strong.
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    I have had my Treo 600 (Cingular) for 2 years and treat it like a baby. It still has the original Handspring emblem on it! He has been wearing a Krussel formfit case, and gets his battery topped off everytime he's not in my hands. So far I have not had any major problems-it does reset about twice a month and occasionally freezes up also. I think that those problems are just part of it's personality. Last week I upgraded to a Treo 650 last week and it resets about 6-7 times a day-this seems excessive. Last night I ran the new Cingular firmware 1.17-hopefully that will cure the problem.
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    I bought an unlocked Cingular Treo 600 in November 2003 and put a T-Mobile SIM in it. It has the Handspring logo on it and still works like a charm. My wife bought one in December 2003 and replaced it about six months ago. We noticed that the Treos with the PalmOne logo seemed to have lower quality screens than the Handspring Treos. There's like a blue haze over it. Her replacement also intermittently recognizes the SD card, frequently drops calls and just does the weirdest things. Anyway, I still love mine and am looking forward to replacing it with a 700P.
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    Did fix my earphone jack problem but am considering replacing my Treo. It is an original Handspring unit. BTW - with the earphone jack it was related to the solder connections on the first tab (which I re-soldered but it was a PITA). Actually now looking a same size CE Mobile/Linux PDA/Phones. NOT looking at current "too big for the hand" CE mobile but rather new gens with slide out keyboards (more phone like but still giving me all of the functionality of the Treo). Did consider the 650 at one time but wasn't getting too much of a warm and fuzzy from it. Sorry about the tangent (not a hijack) on this thread.
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