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    I will be contacting Normsoft on this as well, but thought I would post it here to see if I am doing something wrong or if someone here has had similar experience.

    For what it is worth, I have GSM T600 with T-mobile and have T-Mobileweb and use a proxy for connectivity and have added only a few programs beyond what is standard....Butler, Ptunes Deluxe, AvantGo, and RPN (a calculator).

    I open the web (Blazer 3.0), surfed to the shoutcast website and sorted stations to find a very low speed connection (I want to test that it works). I click on the tune in now button. The download screen pops up showing me a playlist file (*.pls) from, a file size and available memory. My only option is to answer "Do you want to download?"

    I click yes which then says shoutcast download complete (this is instant). It then prompts me to Open or save the file. I click Open (default) and then get a screen that sayd "tranferrring shoutcast playlist.

    I then launch P-Tunes. In its screen where a song would normally be listed, it simply says "reconnecting..." and stays essentially locked.

    If I try to disconnect the internet connection through Blazer or through Prefs, it disconnect s and automatically reconnects....stuck in a loop until I do a soft reset.

    Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug that I need to know about?

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    Oops for what it is worth, when you look at P-Tunes chhose songs window, the station(s) I have selected are listed. I can change selections, but the main screen still says reconnecting with no sound every coming through.


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