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    My corporate IMAP comes through great and I can receive well with my ISP's email account (though I can't send). But Gmail is slow. Have to attempt to connect multiple times, takes forever, and can very rarely send.

    Anyone succesfully using gmail on a 650? Any suggestions on how I can improve performance?
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    I have no solution, but I have seen similar behavior. It seems to be some kind of connectivity problem between the Sprint Network and It's not a problem with GMail OR a problem with Versamail.

    I know this because if I use my Reverse DUN connection at home (using my broadband connection from my Treo650 via bluetooth connection to PC), checking GMail is reliable and VERY fast. It only seems to happen when I am using the phone's wireless modem. As in your case, requests to other mail servers respond fine.

    I also tried pinging from the phone and got inconsistent results (sometimes it works, sometimes it fails, sometimes it very slow).

    Other people have reported success accessing GMail from Treos. I wonder if only some segments of the Sprint network may have the problem.
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    I use Versamail on Sprint to check GMail infrequently, and it's definitely less reliable than Yahoo or other POP3 emails - the synchronizations fail a much higher percentage of the time. However, they eventually do work, so it's annoying but not fatal.
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    i dont have TOO much of a problem with Gmail and versamail, but im cingular. it does time out from time to time, but its not bad enough to make me pay for my free trial of Chatter that just ran out. every 5 mins is almost as good as Push when it saves me some money
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