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    Hi all ...

    I have been having major problems over the last few weeks trying to get BT to work properly on my 3 month old treo 650 ....

    In total frustration i rang Palm Support this am and after much testing and re-pairing btwn phone and headset etc they offered to send me a new replacement phone ...

    i was actually reluctant to do this as my treo works (almost) perfectly ... i seem to get none of the resets ... crashes ... etc that many on this forum complain about .... in fact the only thing that doesn't seem to work is the BT ... having said that i now have no other software on it other than what it came with ....

    anyway, in closing the conversation the support lady told me that the replacement phone is NOT new ... it is refurbished ... that is, it's a used phone that has been thoroughly checked by palm and is in perfect working order ... just like a new one ...

    so my question is .... should i insist on a new phone ... and are they likely to give me one.... or is this a standard palm policy to replace a "virtually" new phone of less than 3 months with an old one that has probably had some previous problems, (significant enough to cause an exchange ) ... that have hopefully been all fixed correctly ...... to me after thinking about it ... it just seems a little unfair ... i paid just under Au$1200 for this phone and now i am going to get a second hand replacement? !!!

    what success and experiences have others had with this type of warranty exchange ? ... please advise me before i have to put in all the paperwork...

    any thoughts and ideas ... opinions are appreciated

    mods .... i hope i have posted this in the right section ....
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    "Refurb as replacement" is standard procedure with Palm. If you think about it, it's not an unreasonable swap...your phone's not new either.
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    If you push hard enough you can probably get a new one. I know others have.
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    so everybody gets a "refurbished " phone? ....

    ok ... so you buy an expensive new phone ... it doesn't work as advertised ... you return it 10 weeks later and get something that is second hand, and whats more ... something that has already had faults and problems ...( and hopefully fixed a little better than how they build them in the first place, but who really knows )

    .... maybe it's just me ... but it sure doesn't sound reasonable to me ... if i had the phone for 5 or 6 months that might be reasonable ... but i don't think so after just a few weeks .... i didn't try out the BT when i first bought the phone 'cause here in Australia (and i think the UK) palm are advertising a free BT headset with the phone ... but you have to send away to get it ... and that takes about 6 weeks to arrive .... i only recieved my headset about 2 weeks ago ... if i had discovered thois problem straighht away i would have contacted them much earlier

    have most people been happy with their replacements ... or have the replacements also had problems ...i would really like to hear from those that have been thru this replacement process ...

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    I just had my 4-month old 650 replaced by Palm with a "refurbished" unit and it works great. It looks better and shinier than my original 650. The key's tactile feedback is great and more responsive. Looking at it, you can never tell that it's a refurb!
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    You won't notice the difference between a refurbished phone and a new one....
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    The thing about refurbs is that they generally get special one-on-one treatment that new models don't. Think about it: someone sent it back, they fix it and make sure it's all working properly. This never happens when a new one rolls off the line.
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    Also, quite often with refurbs there is nothing to be fixed - it was returned because the original buyer just didn't want it (most places offer 15-30 days return, no questions asked), or the original buyer thought there was a problem but just didn't understand how to use it.

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    ok ... thanks for that info folks ......

    that sounds kind of ok ... seems that there are some happy folk with refurbished units .... and i take the point about it being individually checked ....

    the support staffer told me that my unit would come from singapore ... i guess / hope that it has the latest unlocked gsm fw update already done ...

    anyway ... no major negative experiences here .. so i think i will get going with the refurb ...

    thanks again to those that replied
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    aissue: My refurb unit which I got yesterday doesn't have the latest (1.13) firmware.
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    If you can, hold on to your original until you recieve the new one and compare it to the 'new' phone.
    This way you can double check all the things that Palm doesn't (screen brightnes, color, audio quality, etc) If it's not comparable let them know.
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    tyhanks for the tip scotttreo ... but they wont send my "new" unit until they recieve the old one at the designated "drop zone" ....

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