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    I want to start hotsyncing and more importantly using my Treo 650 as a modem wirelessly from my laptop which does not have a built in bluetooth capability. Any recommendation on which one works most effortlessly would be appreciated. Easy connection is higher priority than low price.


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    my AmbiCom BT2000C-USB($30) installed with ease on my dell inspiron 5150
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    I am using Linksys USBBT100 Bluetooth USB Adapter, which works great on my Sony Vaio and Treo.
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    Linksys USBBT100
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    Quote Originally Posted by scsanden
    Linksys USBBT100

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    Linksys for me. Works with XP SP2 no problem. STAY far away from Kensington.... No support. Linksys sync perfect, also I use Skype when I travel overseas, works with my BT headset No problems!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by apcmiami
    Linksys for me. Works with XP SP2 no problem. STAY far away from Kensington.... No support. Linksys sync perfect, also I use Skype when I travel overseas, works with my BT headset No problems!!!

    What??? "Stay far away from Kensington". I am using Kensington BT module (adapter) and it works great on my laptop with XP Pro and SP 2. Both
    hot sync and PDANET DUN. Comes with Widcomm drivers too.

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    I'm using Cyclone I bought off ebay for $1.99 and can sync and tranfer/recieve files as well as use PDAnet. Comes with IVT software but not using it.
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    I have had good luck with both Linksys and D-Link
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    what is IVT and Widcomm and Skype?
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    I got the $25 one from Wal-Mart and it works great for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marvw
    what is IVT and Widcomm and Skype?
    Times like these are when Google would come in handy, homeslice!

    IVT and Widcomm are both in the bluetooth business. I personally haven't heard of IVT until right now....but I've heard a ton about Widcomm. Widcomm's what you want because enables more bluetooth features on your laptop (i.e. - network access - AKA: reverse DUN).

    And how could you not have heard of Skype?!?!? answer your question as to what bluetooth adapter to get, I copied & pasted this:

    If you're only using it for about one of these:

    If you find that you'd like to get a farther range out of your bluetooth for reverse DUN (using your laptop's internet connection on your Treo) might want to check out the Linksys USBBT100.

    Just make sure the one you pick comes with widcomm drivers.
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    I just got a Zonet USB adapter and got it working with Hotsync and also BlueFiles FTP, but I am having trouble with Dial-up. I get it to connect with the Treo in dial-up mode and ask for username, password and phone number. I enter all that info in and then it says it is dialing and then I get a pairing error and my laptop and Treo suddenly are not paired anymore. I re-pair and then the same thing happens. Any ideas? I am using the Widcomm drivers that came with the USB adapter.

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    maybe do a search for bluetooth DUN pairing....or search for pair under my name, I've written something that might help numerous times.
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    I'll even make it easy for ya:

    I didn't right the unpair/pairing steps, but make sure you follow my suggestion of turning dun off, etc.
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    Linksys USBBT100 here! Works great.
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    Thanks for the post grndslm. I have been searching since yesterday and turned up very little that pertained to my issue. I haev tried your steps, but I get a consistent result. Here is what I do:

    1. Paired the devices with DUN turned off with no problem
    2. Right clicked on the device and selected "Connect Dial-up Networking"
    3. The bluetooth (widcomm taskbar) icon changed from white to green indicating communication.
    4. I get prompted for username, password and phone number. I click "Dial".
    5. I get a dialing dialog box and I notice the bluetooth icon changes back to white for a few seconds and then back to green.
    6. At this point I get a connection error box and I get a bubble alert from the bluetooth icon stating "Error in pairing with device xxxxx. Reason: Authentication failed, try pairing again."
    7. At this point the devices are no longer paired, so I right click on my device and select the "pair device" option and do so sucessfully.
    8. I go and repeat from step #2 and I am in a loop that does the same thing every time. I have done this about 7 times in a row just now.

    Ideas? Thanks for the help!

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    In case you haven't gotten the answer to your problem yet....

    Open bluetooth manager, click find devices in range, right click your Treo and click DELETE!! Then refresh the list, right click the Treo and click PAIR...type 0000 on the laptop first, then 0000 on the treo.....continue following directions as usual.

    Lemme know if it works then.
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    Actually I have gotten the answer to my problem, but it was nothing related to the procedure that you described or anything that I was doing wrong to pair the devices. Not that I was using the program, but PDANet recently put up a message in their FAQ stating that if you were using Zone Alarm Pro firewall and upgraded from version 5.5 to 6.0 you would have this problem. Apparently there is some sort of a conflict with the new version at a low level of the Windows OS. Solutions offered were to go back to version 5.5 (after uninstalling version 6) or wait for an update from Zone Labs. I went back to 5.5 and have no problem with it now.

    Thanks for the help though! Live and least I figured it out and maybe someone else will find this helpful.


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