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    I bought a GoType! keyboard in September and got the TakeNote! and WordSleuth bundle with it. I like TakeNote! as a text editor, but it has a serious problem: private memos. The program imports memos regardless if they're private or not. If you have it set to import and export memos it strips the private designation when it exports your memos back to the memo pad. Changing them to Doc format doesn't work either because then you can get to them from the application launcher, and other doc readers (PeanutReader) can read them even if they're set to private in TakeNote!. I've been trying to deal the LandWare but all they tell me is they're working on it (for 3 months!?). Just thought I'd see if anyone here has any suggestions.
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    While not much of a solution, you could encrypt your private memos using something like Safe.
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    Thank you! Fits the bill perfectly.
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    There is a reason why it is not a perfect solution. Should even one character get changed (either in Memo or TakeNote!), Safe may not be able to decrypt the memo; and, should that happen, you've now lost your info. This is probably not much of a problem if you never let someone else look at your Visor, but if you let the kiddies play games on your Visor . . .

    That said, there is yet another workaround (to the Safe workaround). If you notice that you can no longer open an encrypted memo, you can delete it on the handheld; and sync it back from your desktop. The problem is that you probably won't notice that there is a problem until the damaged memo has already replaced the good one on the desktop.

    Alternately, there are utilities that require you to logon to your Visor; and then only display the applications that you are entitled to see. I've no personal experience with these apps, but hopefully someone else will chime in at this point . . .
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    For an example of the kind of security program that I was referring to, see -
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    Yucca is a stud (studette?)!!! Thank you very much.
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