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  • Phone, Internet, Camera(Basically an much improved Treo)

    33 36.26%
  • Phone, Internet, Camera, Ipod(with the ability to download music from itunes store)

    18 19.78%
  • Phone, Internet Camera, Ipod, TV

    19 20.88%
  • Phone, Internet, Camera, Ipod, TV, and maybe print pictures wirelessly(say at a kiosk)

    20 21.98%
  • Forget all of the above and just give me a Phone!

    1 1.10%
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    I didn't see this option in the list, but for someone who does not like Microsft or Apple products, I think that should be on the list, too. My first Treo 650 is on order, so currently I am using the following devices:
    1. Fossil Abacus Wrist PDA ( Palm OS 4.1 )- To have a PDA without carrying anything extra.

    2. Handspring Visor Edge ( Palm OS 4.1 ) - For viewing PDF's/MS Word docs

    3. Motorola Razr v3 ( no Palm OS ) - Phone!

    4. Archos AV420 Personal Digital Video Record ( for Mp3's/videos player on the go/office )

    5. Zonet Bluetooth MP3 headset ( exclusively for music while weightlifting, no wires )

    These are the main ones I use now. For Camera I have the Casio Exilim 7MP camera, but I do not want that functionality on my phone( yet ). It would be nice to replace the above ( except for the Wrist PDA ) with a single device. The Wrist PDA is just too convenient, as I am the type person who hates carrying anything around unless absolution necessary.
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    The more a device can do the better. The problem is then there would need to be a greater variety of devices because a user would not want to pay for options that do not matter to them and wouldn't want the size of their device to increased to accommodate the unused options.
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