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    Out of the blue I got a "Chatter Unregistered" and it closes, does not even allow me to add my registration number...if I could remember what it was. I am not sure why this happened, I have been using Chatter since January. Marc, my Hotsync name is Mark Young. I will go to the web site as well, however I have come to rely on this application A LOT for work...saved my skin a bunch of times so the sooner I can retrieve (and write down) my number the better.

    Love the application - makes a lot of people with blackberry devices very jealous of my Treo - thanks again for building such a great product.
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    Soft Reset. Turn off radio (phone). Go into Chatter and DON'T allow it to connect. Go to console and type "register xxxxx". Exit chatter turn on phone, etc.
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