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    A seller by the name of dans_cellular_accessories is selling the OEM cradle for the 650 on ebay. He has a few at a buy it now price of $28.99 and a bunch of open auctions that seem to be closing at around the $25 mark.

    I bought one the other day and got it today. The guy has a super high feedback. I have no idea how he has so many and is able to blow them out so cheap. It's the official OEM one from Palm with the int'l plugs and the extra battery drawer and arrived brand new and sealed.

    I am in no way affiliated with him...just giving a heads up.
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    Exact same story for me. Bought one from Dan's and just got it today. Love it.
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    how much?
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    how much?
    Ur kidding right?
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    Dan's rocks. I highly recomend. I have picked up a number of 650 stuff from them, all reasonably priced, and fast shipping.
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    I've bought a number of things for the treo and other phones in the past.I had good experiences with their customer service and speed of getting the items.
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    A lot of people have used Dan's here on TC. A few people have had problems, but most appreciate the service he providers. Personally I think he can be so terse that it can be rude, but I understand he does tremendous volume, so I put up with it.

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