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    For those who are having problems with your 650 and bluetooth enabled car, try this - I actually posted this on the Acura-tl forums, but thought some here may benefit from it:

    Many thanks to Jacobh for starting the rlock thread on the treocentral 650 forum - otherwise I'd have never seen it.

    (cut and pasted from acura-tl forum thread)
    I've always had problems with using the HFL with my Sprint Treo 650 - I have no problems pairing to the car or answering calls, but rarely am I able to dial using the HFL or the HFL phonebook. Using the HFL dialing would result in some weird tone from my speakers lasting 2-3 seconds, and then an immediate reset of my phone. The only way it would work consistently was to transfer the call after dialing on the Treo 650 itself, and even then, it wasn't perfect. I'm on the most recent sprint update, ver. 1.12.

    But then I saw this thread on Treocentral:

    I'm not going to even try to explain in detail what this "rlock.prc" program does or how it works, but in short the NVFS system uses a memory cache which periodically clears itself out as it fills. Some apps which run in the background don't "lock" their DBs into memory. When an app tries to reference its DB again from the cache and it's not there, it could result in a system crash. This program allows you to choose which DBs to "lock" into memory.

    I didn't see anything specific to bluetooth or the phone app in this thread but I decided what the heck, I'll give it a try - maybe there's a background app I'm using which is screwing things up. Plus, it's a free program.

    So I downloaded the .prc and locked in my zlauncher, keycaps600, butler, and kblightsoff DBs. Didn't see any DBs relating the phone or bluetooth.

    The next time I got in my car, I tried it out, and to my jaw-dropping disbelief, the HFL worked perfectly! I've been using the HFL with no problems for over a week. I don't know exactly which app was causing the problem, but I'm really happy about getting this resolved. The funny noise I got after dialing through the HFL has pretty much disappeared as well.

    Just wanted to pass this along in case others were having problems with their 650 and TLs.
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    Sweet. I am going to install it right now and try it in my TL. Thanks!

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