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    I had my Treo on top of a box about 4 and a half feet high. It fell off onto a hard wood floor and the SD flew out(of course) and everything is ok. It looks like it hit on the lower right corner. Man I hope that doesn't happen again... Since my metal case was causing reception problems I've been carrying it around neked. I was afraid of this. How do people like that rubber skin case?
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    It's AMAZING how much more grippy my skin case is than the bare, slippery Treo's "au naturale" platic case. I highly recommend the skin case for scratch protection and grip.

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    I use a silicon / rubbery / grippy skin case and like it alot. It is not bulky, its really easy to hold onto, and it stays where I put it (even when the car turns sharply). The only downside is when I go to pull it out of my pocket and my pocket flaps out, but I am starting to remember to put my pocket back in place.
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    Skin cases are only good if you put it on a belt'll stop putting 'em in your pocket after you miss most of your phone calls (especially while driving).
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    I like my skin case very much. I use it with either the removable belt clip or with a lanyard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grndslm
    Skin cases are only good if you put it on a belt'll stop putting 'em in your pocket after you miss most of your phone calls (especially while driving).
    Why would you miss phone calls with your Treo in a SKIN in your pocket [vs having it in your pocket without a skin on it]?? And driving with your phone in your pocket - in a case or not - doesn't make much sense if you want to get to your phone quickly anyway.

    I guess I don't understand your comments here.

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    The skin sticks to fabric. Very difficult to take it out of pockets.
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    Yup, those grippy ones make the phone difficult to get out of a pocket.
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    I'm looking forward to ordering a set of egripsI have lare hands and that makes it actually harder for me to old the phone whenever I'm trying to use the keyboard one -handed.
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    I really wish egrips lasted longer...I'd buy stock in them. They just never lasted long for me. I think my problem might have been not putting the top/sides part of the egrips on; I only put the battery cover part on and the grippy part just rips off of the clear plastic that has the adhesive on it.

    I'm caseless/gripless 'til I find an ivolution or an open keyboard-magnesium case for $50 or less. No other way.
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    Sena Leatherskin here. Very thin, fairly grippy (as opposed to bare) and slips in and out of pocket easily.
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    I seem to have good luck with egrips. The lower left side is the only place when it tends to peel away as a result of the way I put it in my pouch case. So I slight/neatly trimmed it and no problems.

    Good Luck

    Oh Yeah, dropped my once and not damage.
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