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    If you travel overseas go Cingular or unlocked GSM. GSM is what most of the world uses.
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    Here is the link to PC Magazines' comments of Cing over Sprint for their Treo650. This is what I was masing my choice on:,1895,1757450,00.asp

    Current data plan for the Chgo are w/ Cing was 39.99 for unlimited
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    PC Mag is prolly gettin' paid under the table. Sprint has gotten excellent coverage for me in several southeastern states as well as California. I NEVER have dropped calls - EVER....and digital networks are crystal clear, whereas analog networks are fulla static.

    Sprint service is good enough as is for now, but since they acquired Nextel, their service is only going to get better in the future. Plus Sprint will be the first to have WiMax in a couple more years....

    But either way, Sprint's the best overall.
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    And I realize opinions are like assholes... but at least my shiite don't stink.
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    You don't have to get the $39.99 PDA unlimited plan with Cingular. There are other options. I pay $24.99 for unlimited and I think it went down on June or July 1st. There are threads about MediaNet and MediaWorks with the info.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrider
    Now I don't know (unless EDGE is being used) how true this is.
    Yup, i am on EDGE just about 100% of the time.

    Quote Originally Posted by grndslm
    Since when is data with Cingular $20?

    Also, data rates also depend on your location. Sprint consistently gets AT LEAST 80kbps all over the country. Cingular will get 110+ in some areas where it drops down to 60 in others, and to the horrible GPRS speed of 30kbps in less populated areas.
    I picked up an unlimited data plan from Cingular a month ago for $20/mo. You are right about the location thing, my transfer rate is generally really good as there is decent service around here (N VA/DC) but in other areas that isnt the case. I havent been outside an EDGE zone in a while, but when I do the speed will be SLOW....

    So, as i said, go with which ever gives you the best coverage and d/l speeds in your area.
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