This is so incredibly frustrating to spend this much money on a product which claims to do XYZ and then have it not only routinely fail at what it claims it can do, but then be told by the makers that in order to "fix" it, you follow steps which when followed DO NOT FIX THE DEVICE.

We have a few Treo 650 (Unlocked GSM) in the office. They are all upgraded to the newest firmware.

One user who has had nothing but problems with his device while trying to do only the basic things which they claim it is designed to do is now having yet another Versamail problem. Prior to the firmware upgrade, we had one series of problems, now we are moving on to the next series of annoyances.

His unit is setup to use ActiveSync to connect to our Exchange 2003 server. It works on and off. Until recently when it started telling him "Sync did not complete. There may not be enough device memory. Delete some messages and try again." with the error "S1k 04C7"
Fortunately for us, Palm has nothing about that error via its code (thanks!), but it does have this page regardign that error text. That isn't very helpful since it basically just says that there is a memory error.

It does have a link there to this page which then gives a list of things to try.

That page even specifically notes that on the Treo 650 the media files aren't subtracted from the total space used (?!!! that is absolutely retarded).

So, we:
1) bought him a SD card and moved all pictures that that (there were not many there, but perhaps that was it). That didn't fix it, so we moved on to
2) we followed every single step on that page

It is still doing the message every single time we try to sync.

Please, somebody, before I climb a clocktower - tell us how to fix this.

I swear I will never buy a Palm product with my own money and I will always tell everyone around me to avoid them like the plague. This experience has shown me that they are worse than MS in terms of reliability - and that is really scary to have to say.