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    It all started when I lost my Sprint Treo 650. Remember way back when it first came out and someone here posted that Sprint had an inital shipment of ~2300 650s available and to call right away? This was one of them.

    I was in West Virginia on business, had to get up really really early for a flight that was cancelled the night before, i guess my brain wasn't working right. It was lost somewhere between the hotel, cab and airport.

    I finally realized it was lost when the Flight Attendant asked us to turn off all cell phones and I started frantically looking around for mine, which wasn't there.

    So I get back to NY sans Treo. As the summer is our busy season I could NOT be without my Treo. So I headed over to the Cingular store. Why the switch you ask? Well, based on what i've seen Cingular had a slight advantage in coverage at some of our satellite offices and in particular, there is no Sprint coverage within 2 hours of out WV location but lots of GSM. Of course, when Sprint is roaming none of the data features work but with GSM they do. Plus I was going to be doing a little international travelling so again, the GSM quad band roaming would have been useful in non CDMA countries. So off to Cingular I went.

    My first "yikes" was the $40 vs. $15 unlimited data plan (yes I know there is a way to trick the system with Media Works, etc) but it's a company plan so we like to do it legit. Porting took 3 hours and it was done. I setup xpressmail which is exactly the same as PCS Business Connection i was using on Sprint.

    Get into the car and... oh yeah, I forgot how GSM/TDMA (used to be on AT&T years ago) makes speakers buzz. Which on the Treo is a lot since it polls for data often) so it got annoying fast.

    Ok, time to test out the new phone. Start making calls, same headset from the Sprint version. Immediatley I notice a HUGE call quality difference. It's worse. Plain and Simple. The Cingular calls are softer, break up more, and there is background hiss.

    I get home and update to the latest firmware here and throw on the select network hack.

    Then I drive to another office location in North East PA. So I get to experience the Westchester, NY signal, NYS Thruway and then Route 17 roaming (dobson i think?) The select network hack is cool and works fine, I jump around to see if the call quality improves. It doesn't. And the dropped calls... OHHHHH the dropped calls. SO MANY MORE than Sprint.

    I drive this route every week during the summer. I knew exactly where the Spring dead spots would be and toward then end of the trip, where cell service ends completely. Comparing the two, Cingular had many more dead spots and dropped calls and both ended service all together within 1/2 a mile from each other.

    Also a note on data. Edge vs. Vision, when in an edge area, the speeds are very comparable on straight downloads. However, Vision trumps all in the following: 1) general speed i.e. loading webpages that require multiple requests (lots of small pics, etc) 2) able to connect when you want it. The GPRS would often not connect at all where Vision almost always connects the first time.

    I get a call from Northwest Airlines. They found my phone and send it to me. I go to the nearest Sprint store and reactivate it. Porting takes 2 hours and now i'm happily back on Sprint.

    I do NOT intent this to become a major flame was Sprint vs. Cingular or CDMA vs. GSM. This is just my personal observations of different companies on the same device. Sprint wins hands down.
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    But you can receive calls when you are on edge browsing the internet, that's good.

    Here in New York. I had good signal when I was using my Samsung phone on Cingular before the merger. Well in New York is all TMobile tower anyway.

    Did you have to pay anything to Cingular for the bunny hop?
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7
    But you can receive calls when you are on edge browsing the internet, that's good.

    Here in New York. I had good signal when I was using my Samsung phone on Cingular before the merger. Well in New York is all TMobile tower anyway.

    Did you have to pay anything to Cingular for the bunny hop?
    NO service exists right now that will allow you to receive calls while browsing. If data is being transferred, your call ---> right to voicemail. The only difference GSM has over CDMA is that GSM disconnects much faster than if you are browsing, you a call is more likely to come through with GSM than CDMA. Just want to clarify that while transferring data a call will NOT come through on any service.

    As for Sprint vs. GSM...I have to fully agree with the original poster. I have Cingular for work and man that service (at least in my area) is horrible. Dropped call central. I can't believe that Cingular doesn't even work on interstates. For example, on I-95 South from Savannah, GA to Jacksonville, FL. There are gaping dead spots with Cingular/GSM. I thought all carriers have interstate coverage? Especially this route (very heavily travelled NY--->FL). I frequently drive and participate in conference calls. With my Cingular phone, it drops the call many times during this trip, and I have to dial in over and over again. Not good for business.

    I have to use my personal Treo on Sprint for business calls. I can sign on to the conference call in Savannah, get on I-95, and drive all the way to Jacksonville (2 hrs) without a single drop. There is one spot that sometimes drops, but not usually (heavy foliage). The handoff between towers seems soft when compared to GSM's "hard" handoff (the GSM phone is starved for signal before locking to the next tower).

    Not a scientific test, but certainly is a good real-world testament to Sprint CDMA network reliability in my area.

    I am not trying to start some sort of holy war of GSM/CDMA, just posting my experience with the two services...
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    I myself am a habitual Cingular basher I've found them to be far worse than TMobile in Atlanta and the eastern burbs thereof. They are also a lot more expensive to own. Sprint in my region was full of disconnects as well so I'm not sure what the problem is - maybe our market is just at or above deployed capacity.

    My experience with Sprint about 5 years ago was so bad that I swore I would never look back, and I haven't. My experience with Cingular isn't at that point, but its pretty bad. I don't have any issues on interstates. I've actually driven from Atlanta down to Mobile, AL talking the entire time with only 2 drops around the I-85, I-65 cross over. So I'm not too upset with Cingular.

    Cingular's ads are fraudulant though. I've dropped signal in Atlanta while having 4 bars of signal on my Treo - so I don't know how they are measuring their signal strength. Cingular's customer service is also complete and total crap. I guess when its time for the next technology - I'll try Verizon

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