Has anyone recently been having issues with battery drain?

My Treo 650 has been great since last October with just 5 resets to date and rock solid battery performance.

But lat night, I was checking my phone for messages and the battery was dead? Odd, since I just charged it that morning.

I do not use any ringers or software that messes with any power usage, have roaming disabled, blue-tooth disabled, disconnect Blazer and Versamail after each session. And I have not installed any new software.

I have noticed that if I do not reset my phone once each 3-4 months or so, that the phone does not charge fully, I imagein it has to due with some corrupted data. After a soft-reset it normally works okay.

Last night I charged my phone to full and normally it would lose 1% charge overnight, now I lose 20%!

Any ideas? Maybe others have the same issue.