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    I saw a program that I would like to use called Inbox but it uses the graffiti menu command and I can not find it anywhere on the 650. anybody know of a way to make this thing work ? or is there something else that does the same thing that will work on the 650
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    Use the Treo menu button (above the messaging/mail button) along with the required key. For example, menu + P = paste...

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    You may be talking about the "command bar" which on most palm is / low left to top right stroke. On the Treo 650 you need some other utility loaded to make that appear like Butler or an alternative...
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    The treo does not include a way to access the palm command bar ( or at least I never found it). Butler includes this function as does Zlauncher. I regularly use snapcalc that requires teh command bar for activation.

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