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    Looking for advice.

    Here are the facts:
    - treo 650 on Sprint
    - primarily use corporate email through exchange. I am currently able to access my exchange folders over the web and the email syncs sucessfully with versamail
    - I have been using Seven for a while, but I am not impressed for the following reasons
    A) No ability to send attachments from the phone
    B) Desktop client can go down
    C) Has its own calendar program that is not helpful
    D) Cannot automatically pull emails from Key Contacts which I like a bit better than the built-in so I can sync two contact folders, have more than 15 categories, etc.
    - I am currently trying out Versamail 3.1b and like it better than Seven so far, but have the following small issues
    A) Don't know how to turn off the calendar sync. I use Key Calendar since I like to be able to assign colors to my appointments in outlook. I don't think the built-in caledar app supports the colors? I don't believe that versamail can sync with key calendar? I hate that Versamail is wasting memory syncing the built-in calendar when I have a full calendar with key.
    B) I don't think it syncs my subfolders?
    C) I don't think it can automatically pull emails from Key Contacts?

    Should I live with the limitations of Versamail or try to go to something else such as Chatter? From what I have read here Chatter wasn't designed around exchange and I certainly don't want to have issues sync-ing. Is there something else I should seriously consider?

    Thank you!
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    Hi, Dave: I Get/Send my corporate mail through VersaMail using IMAPP. Before posting this reply, I tried setting up my corp mail through Exchange and couldn't get it working. So to answer your questions, using IMAPP:
    A. I can send attachments
    B. ?
    C. No separate calendar program
    D. I also have more than a dozen Mail Folders for saved customer emails in my corp email account, but have never sync'd them on the Treo. Because of your post I just discovered the "Sync Server Folders" option in IMAPP. (Now I know why sometimes when I SENT emails, I got an error msg "Cannot Sync with Sent Folder", but my email was still sent).
    Of course you can set an auto sync in IMAPP too.
    (Something I find timesaving: My preferences in IMAPP are set to see only Sender and Subject and my Display options are set to show UNREAD in black text and READ in Orange, making it very easy to select what I want to see.)
    Sounds like your trial of Versamail 3.1b has issues that aren't present in IMAPP. Regarding color-coding appts, when I calendar hard button, I see a first glance page that has saved me tons of time instead of scrolling around the standard Day View. To see single Day View, press the hard button again.
    The T650 Calendar hard button offers 4 different page views; toggle through them..the standard is the single Day View, but the one in front of Day View (icon is a single dot underscored) is a Glance view which gives you an overview of your appts, tasks, email notification, etc. and summary of tomorrow's appts. I love it, but not sure if it will accomplish the reason you need color-coded appts.
    Hope this helps.
    In IMAPP there is also an EDIT FOLDERS option to add new folders including an option to create it also on the server. You could create individual folders for every client that would sync with server then you could select a specific customer folder to read their emails.....
    Dave, your post said "I am currently able to access my exchange folders over the web", does that mean you have to use Blazer and go on the internet to read your corp mail??
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    Hey guys, i am getting my emails perfectly on chatter, it's a work email but i can't seem to send at all. i get either a 502 or 504 error code.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter
    longterm - The Chatter beta's do full HTML and have larger/smaller font (but not an extra large font yet). The recent versions are VERY stable, and many users think it's MORE stable on their T650 than Snapper (so go figure!)

    tj$bags - You'd need to ask if they'd make IMAP available (with or without SSL) to users on the outside. Since they probably support OWA, this is no less secure, but still, some IT people don't like opening up ports - it's crazy, IMO.

    One thing I have noticed is that when I had Chatter 1.1 recent betas (every one until the most recent last week) installed I would not get crashes but I would get frequent 10-15 second freezes like very few minutes, especially when I was listening to music or audiobooks. But it would happen when I was working on memos or using using datebk, pretty much anytime. And I do not have many third party aps either. This was very disruptive. This was not a sporatic event, these pauses went on through successive beta installations and over a period of several weeks.

    After I removed Chatter and installed snapper, I have not experienced this at all. Anyway I liked the push features of Chatter but it was not worth putting up with these pauses.

    Has anyone else noticed these pauses and been able to effectively deal with them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tromano
    Hey guys, i am getting my emails perfectly on chatter, it's a work email but i can't seem to send at all. i get either a 502 or 504 error code.
    It's either an authentication error, or a relaying error. Can't remember off the top of my head.

    If authentication, it may be that you either need authentication, or you have it checked and it's not required.

    If it's a relaying error, it means you can't use that smtp server to send (is this an ISP?) If so, you'll need to use your cellphone carriers smtp server. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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