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    I just was checking the Palm website and they have listed a new rebate for the Treo 650 at $100. It is not contingent on having any internet plan to get this mail in rebate, just a 2 year agreement (you get $50, for a one year agreement). I recently bought a 650 at with Cingular before the rebate started and am trying to figure out how to get the extra $ without having to send the phone back and cancelling service. Just to make matters worse, I just ported my Tmobile # over to Cingular. Incidentally, I bought the phone on July 15 and the rebate started on August 1st.

    Palm would have to do this to me!

    The rebate is good from August 1 to September 30.
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    Hopefully this means the new Treo is getting closer.
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