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    Just ran across this VoiceSecureIt kinda expensive at 24.95 though. If anyone tries it, let us know how it works.

    (I am not affiliated with VoiceIt)
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    I gave it a test and once verbally trained, it is very secure. If trained with a headset, it wants to use a headset. If done without the headset, it does not want the headset. Ben
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    A nice feature would be to have it only prompt for voice after a soft reset, not after every off/on. Having a button to view "owner info" on the prompt screen would also be nice. That way just in case someone is honest and finds your Treo they *might* return it/contact you.

    Very cool app though!
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    Being able to set a post-verification app to launch would be nice too. Right now it goes to the built-in Palm launcher.
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