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    I was thinking about buying a locked Cingular 650. I called T-Mobile customer care and they said no problem that they would unlock it, should take 24 to 48 hours. Was this person giving me accurate info or did he not know what he was talking about?

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    mind expanding upon that a little?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarger
    mind expanding upon that a little?

    no they cant and wont.
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    I tried and unsuccessful, then I talked directly to Cingular and they gave me the unlock code after providing them with the proof that I paid full $550 for the phone.
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    there is a thread on howarforum about this very subject.

    it seems, that t-mo does unlock phones from other carriers.

    The guy who started the thread said they wouldnt do it for cingular phones. another poster said they probably didnt do it because they dont carry the 650.
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