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    Is this app stable now or should I use a third party app?
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    It's like the rest of the Treo: very nice when it works, but not very stable. Overall it's tolerable.
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    I find it ok, used it for 2 weeks while I was out of the country.
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    The 3.0c version that came with the Cingular update has been working great for two weeks (hope that doesn't jinx me). I'm using it with an Exchange Server, so it keeps both mail and calendar in sync. No problem with attachments. In fact, it works as good as Snappermail for me. It would be nice if it had a push component like Chatter - but I was never able to get Chatter to work with our server to send mail - it would only receive reliably. That could very well be system dependent, not a problem with Chatter - but Versamail's built in and works (I set it to check mail every 30 minutes and battery is holding up fine - 85% at the end of the day with light phone use as well).
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    used it for a couple a weeks (CDMA) was not stable would loose my account setups ever so often. Was a snapper customer lost to many "filed" items on my SD card .

    Am enjoying Chattermail very much using the current Beta v31 with fastmail and it works great, looks like I will be buying this program.
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    Versamail 3.1B (version after Sprints latest firmware update) has been super stable. I would not touch Versamail until now because of all the problems. However, this version has given me no trouble. I also have Snappermail, but I like how Versamail is more tightly integrated with the OS (e.g. notifications in phone and calendar apps, better contacts integration, and background email checking). In my opinion, the only things Snapper does better is download large files > 2mb and move mail to the SD card. However, since I am not a heavy email user these aren't issues for me, and I prefer Vesamailís OS integration.

    I set all my email accounts to forward to 1 address which Versamail checks. I find this faster and easier then dealing with setting up and checking multiple accounts.
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    I've been trying to figure out if there is a way to move the MultiMail Message file to the SD card, and still have VersaMail function. Cingular has claimed that there is no way to do this. Currently that file is taking up 7Mb on the internal (and growing).

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    I believe that Chatter rules this category
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    Quote Originally Posted by fkjr2
    I believe that Chatter rules this category
    Unless you require access to a Corporate Email Account that doesn't have IMAP access. If you do Versamail is your only choice.
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    Is there any way to get the 3.1b running on a Unlocked GSM instead of 3.0c. I liked it when it worked, but right now it's just timing out when connecting to my mailserver.
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    Versamail explodes with a gamut of instability when using IMAP+SSL.
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    Versamail 3.1 with my Sprint 650 is working fine for me. Most of the issues seem to have been resolved with this release. I also use Activesync to access my corporate email over-the-air, so I don't think any of the other email applications would do that for me.
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    I've had nothing but trouble with versamail (imap, ssl) since the upgrade - it's even less stable than before. I loaded chatter today and I'm liking it a lot so far. Even if versamail was stable, I think I'd stick with chatter - it just seems to do more things and work better.
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    Couldn't get Versamail to login to our Postfix IMAP server with SSL. Suspect its a problem with the self certificate. Tried chatter, but the set-up is a mess. Couldn't get anywhere with trying to get it to connect via a hotsync and no useful messages. Does anyone have any suggestion?
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    I've been using Versamail ever since I got my Treo. It has been stable and I've had no problems. I use it with both my ISP and corporate email. Both are setup via POP/SMTP.
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    I don't know if it was happening with previous versions of VM, but when I have triggered-pull SMS enabled through Treohelper, Versamail 3.1 (Sprint) soft resets every time it receives a new message, which doesn't happen with Snappermail. So I'm forced to use Snappermail, despite my objection to its lack of message filtering and background fetching.

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