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    Ok - I'm getting the "problems with connection" page when trying to activate. Are there any reasonable solutions to this?
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    Do it over the web. Worked on the first try for me.
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    unfortunately no. you'll just have to try again later. quite possibly the worst activation program on the face of the earth. the programmer who wrote it should be fired...
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    Yea - PHP is a pretty simple language basically only handing a couple of variables on this page. It obviously needs to be rewritten.
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    i just got my tt5 today and i thought i could set it up tonight and use it tomorrow. I need an activation code ( is not working. I agree with t650man whoever wrote it or maintain it should be fired.
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    Im going crazy with this.
    I entered my activation code (came on the card with the Nav5).
    How do i get a device code???? - nothing comes up on my Treo650 - when i click on the tomtom icon on the Treo, i says 'cant download maps' and i can only cancel
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    i had to re-install the app twice. you get the device code after you install the map. i spent an hour before i figured it out. however, the www.ttcode .com site is still not working. good luck on your activation
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    Worked this morning at 4:55AM
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    Worked for me at 4:30AM

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