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    I purchased a 2-in-1 headset from TreoCentral, but it did not come with a manual of any sort (should it have? I didn't think I would need it for a headset) but I am unable to switch from audio application to an incoming phone call. Am I missing something?

    From reading previous posts about Seidio, it seems people have A LOT of problems with their product so I may just have a faulty headset, but I would like to think it is user error...
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    I just switch the button on the mic part from the symbol of the 2 eighth notes to the Phone symbol and ...Viola I'm talking in the phone.
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    the new 2 in 1 dont have a switch. the 650 changed something, and the 2 in 1 with the switch didnt really work. i used to have one and just left the slider in one position and for both audio and talk.
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    Mine doesn't have a switch - it only has a button which I assumed I would push to answer a call, but it doesn't seem to work that way...
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    then yours is broken. email seidio.
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    What a fracking surprise for a Seidio product!
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    I've just switched my 2 yr old failing 600 for a new 650 and was about to send my almost new 2 in 1 headset that I used with my 600 to my son for his 600 as I had thought the I needed a 650 specific headset for my new phone. However, upon plugging the old one into the 650, it seems to work just fine with both phone and music.

    Am I missing something obvious and don't realize it? Is there some risk I am taking with using my old 600 2 in 1 with the 650?

    Fred C.
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    He're the details you guys are looking for:

    The 600 used a 3 conductor plug - one for ground, one for the mic or an audio channel, and one for the other audio channel. The main annoyance of the 600 was that you could either use the second channel as a mic or an audio channel. Hence the switch on the Seidio 2-in-1. When the switch flips on the Seidio headset, the Treo detects it and changes its configuration (thats the basics of it, I can give more detailed info if you want).

    The 650 uses a 4 conductor plug - one for ground, one for left channel audio, on e for right channel audio, and one for the mic. With the extra channel on the 650, there is no need to have a switch, or to change configurations. Seidio has a new 2-in1 headset without the button, meant for the 650, that takes advantage of this. It is really great for getting phone calls when you are listening to music. You don't have to worry about switching modes just to answer. With that said, the 650 will still recognize the old, 3 conductor Seidio headset. You will still have to switch modes, though.

    BrandNew, if you have a 600, and you purchased the 650 headset version, its understandable that it may not work. If that is not the case, then your headset may be broken.

    One more thing. If you all are using the headsets for the ability to use it for both music and phone, I suggest you look at an application I've created recently for the 650. It takes advantage of the fact that the headset button is available while playing music. Details and discussion are here.

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