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    ok this is really starting to pi** me off! Installing these voices is a real pain in the a** . I reformatted my card to start from the beginning. I selected a voice to install, and after I hotsync I get this error." Synchronization generated one or more messages"

    When I take a look at the log, it's putting it in a folder named bul**7

    My profile is bul**712.

    When I delete the 7 folder, and attempt to hotsync the voices again, it recreates the 7 folder

    2 weeks to vacation, and I want this sh** resolved... I'm traveling cross country and back.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    I am having similar problems installing voices on my Mac. The problem is that on the Mac, it does not give you the option of putting it on a SD Card. I would install and hit the Hotsync button and it would say I don't have the Conduit problem. I tried putting the TomTom Conduit from the CD but it can't use it. Why is it so hard and confusing even after reading all the threads here? Can someone who has done it successfully on the Mac give me a detailed way to get the voices to work. So far I got the maps and app working properly. Thanks in advance.
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    You can just install the voice files straight to the sdcard with a card reader, I had to do that when my card has some problems and the voice files corrupted. Tomtom has them available for download on their site (takes some hunting). They should however be on the cds, just have to poke around some.
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    Same problem!!!!


    Have the same headache. MAJOR problems upgrading from '04 (life was good) to TT5. !st, had perfect Nav. with BT-338, but no voices. Now, I have voices, but no BT-338 guidance (no GPS).

    I have tried most uninstall / reinstall suggestions found here @ TC, but am slooooowly reconsidering cigarettes again (not). Am at the point where I just want my trusty '04 back, but can't seem to delete all files necessary to achieve a 'clean' install of '04. Keep getting 'contacts navigator' in the mix after re-set. After deleting all files I could find, I even re-flashed 1.12 (Sprint), in hopes I could start with a fresh slate.

    On PC (palm/user), I have deleted anything to do with cn, data0*, et al.
    Even set hotsync to 'desktop overrides handheld'.

    The only thing I see on t650 to delete is 'Contacts Navigation' 439k.

    I don't really need TT5's bells and whistles, but, hey, I paid for the upgrade ($5us) and I want it! .......the sound of a crying child..............

    (and no, 'INSULTION', I don't need your critique, I have been a Palm user for way too long.)

    eyes are getting heavy, oh so heavy .... am slowly going to put my head down now .... will throw the offensive tool into the trash bin .... Oh S**t, that's my phone!
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