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    Hi -- when I use my 650 to check voice mail, I have to use the # key to navigate across voice mail menus. The doggone key sticks and won't stop beeeeeeeeeping and of course it bumps me out of voice mail the vm system doesn't work for me....argh! Is there a way maybe to maybe lubricate the key so it won't stick without hurting the device? I couldn't find anything on this in the forum.
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    Interesting. The same thing happened to me when checking 3rd party voice mail. I have it programed into the 9 key, and I continued to hear the 9 tone once connected. This happened twice. I then just used the 9 key to dial - pressing it several times, and it worked fine. I then reset the voicemail key to 7. The same thing happened, and once again I got no sticking when using 7 just to dial. I did find that, when the tone continued, if I hit that key again (7 or 9), the tone stopped. I am not convinced the key is sticking. Perhaps it is something else causing this to occur.
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    As a complete aside, why do Americans refer to the # key as a pound key? It is a HASH key, the pound symbol is COMPLETELY different and looks like this:
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlleyCat
    As a complete aside, why do Americans refer to the # key as a pound key? It is a HASH key, the pound symbol is COMPLETELY different and looks like this:
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    Thanks, that sure does clear it up
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    I've had my 650 for a couple of weeks and find that my # key doesn't transmit when I need it to. A little different than sticking, I guess. Both my T-Mobile Voicemail and my office voicemail require the # key to navigate. It doesn't matter if I hit the "alt-B" # on the main keys, or the # on the lower right of the phone dial pad on the screen, the system acts as if I'd pressed no key at all and keeps asking for a response.

    Anybody have an idea about this one?
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    Had the same problem with the ALT key. Took it in to Sprint and they had to replace the phone, giving me a refurb. It can be a problem. My ALT key rendered the keyboard useless cause the characters that came out were all weird. Took less than a week to get the new one and so far works well.
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    I had a sticking key (on my old Treo 600); I sprayed a minute amount of WD40 onto my finger and rubbed it around the key which seemed to fix it.

    If I recall it was the 5 way nav, up key.....
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    OK I lied, the # key is transmitting just fine today. Don't know what changed, don't care.


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    Use the on-screen # key instead. It doesn't stick for me.

    Also, my # key doesn't stick until the second time I press it.
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    WD40 is your friend. I usually spray some on a paper towel and carefully use the sharp edge of the towel to grease the sides of the button. It works wonders!
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    crowza: the 'sticking' isn't physical -- it's a software problem in many versions of the GSM firmware.

    you might have known that and you were joking. if so, pardon my denseness. =)
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    Folks this is a well documented problem esp. with the July updates.. The button not be physically sticking. It is also documented on the Palm support site, what happens is a feedback loop from the speaker through the microphone which causes it to have very long DMTF tones. If you slide the speaker mute switch to 'off' while your trying to enter the voicemail/phone banking menus - it should stop this feedback and keep the tones short. Then you have to remember to switch it back on of course before the next call....
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    I had the same problem, but it was physical...I had to the the phone apart and wash down the keyboard, 5-way nav/hard buttons and the front cover where the cut outs are for the keyboard, etc. I guess you don't really realize that you should wipe your hands sometimes before using your 650 while eating.
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    Mine stuck when I first got it. I really just worked itself out.

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