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    Okay, got my new skin today and I love it, it's ****in' sleek!
    However, it came with a lanyard and I've no idea where this thing attaches, any ideas?
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    Oh, also my styli with built in ink pens came in today, w00t!
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    how are you suppose to push the middle buttons?
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    Its not solid. Its like a rubber skin. You can easily push the buttons through the case.
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    the back just under the stylus, there should be two small wholes close together
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    You sure it's there on the Sprint 650? I dont see it anywhere.
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    I have one of those and hate the way they feel in my hand so I don't use it. I also wouldnt rely on the lanyard since it seems like it will just tear through the skin. It's supposed to loop around 2 small holes on the top back of the skin by the antenna I think.
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    When looking at the front of your treo, there is a small opening below the shift key.

    You have to take the small black string at end of the lanyard and stick it in one side and out the other. Then you can loop the lanyard through. I used a needle threader. If you don't have one handy, try using a little bit of scotch tape on the black string to stiffen it up and make it easier to guide through.

    Hope that helps. And you're right, this skin rocks. I'm really happy with mine too.
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    Oh you're referring to where the mic is, gotcha.

    Yeah I wouldn't loop it through the skin itself, probably easily wear out.

    I do love the skin except for one problem, it's grippy so it's a pain putting it in and outta my pockets. lol
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    i ahd one of those for my 600, they are ugly and bulky, and every piece of lint in your pocket sticks to the rubber
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    I have that exact skin and luv it ...sure it makes the treo a lil bigger ...and if ya ask me makes it look a lil less "cooler" but it is so practical and cheap it was hard for me to pass up.

    as for the the lanyard ... I never knew where it went either

    in the above post ..the person is saying to loop it through th mic hole ..ill be darned if im doing that...that just SOUNDS like a stupid idea (not saying you are wrong) ...but i can see a number of things bad about that ...from

    1) people not hearing you well.
    2) the landyard breaking that thin peice of plastic
    3) looking stupid - I.E. like your talking to a string Alex Gram Bell style ..

    ....thank you for filling me in ...but my landyards will sit in my drawer righ where they are thank you!
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    Isn't the skin sweet? I'm digging mine. Now I can actually HOLD ONTO my Treo without dropping it (again). And the skin adds minimal girth but plenty of protection.

    As for the lanyard, I think it's silly, but I think they want you to loop it (through itself) around the piece of skin between the stylus opening and the SD card slot. It feel pretty thick there, so I can't imagine it would tear there. But, I don't use the lanyard, so what do I know?

    I HAVE seen what may be earlier models of these skins where there's a molded-in "eye" that sticks out off the side of the case right about even with the top of the screen. Seems like a good idea -- IF you were set on using a lanyard. If you're NOT set on using a lanyard, then I think the eye on the side just added size. Maybe they dropped the eye, but kept the lanyard...

    I, too, got some of the styluses (styli?!) that you got. Along with the fact that it's got a pen inside, I like the fact that they're LIGHTER than the stock ones, cutting down on the weight of the Treo (hey, like a race car, every little bit of weight savings helps!). The lighter stylus is also easier to hold on to, too (man, they made everything about the Treo so dang slippery!).

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    I figured that the skin would attract dust plus I didn't feel it was enough protection bouncing around my purse so I got the Seidio Premium Pouch Case for Treo 600/650 (Skin Fit). It also comes as a regular fit if you want to use it w/o a skin.
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    The magic lanyard question. On the Boxwave skin (which looks like yours) there is no place on the skin for the lanyard. On the Javoskin there is a little extra rubber with a holeon the top right hand side in it for the lanyard to go through. I've tried both the Javoskin (javoedge) and the Boxwave (Flexiskin) and I like the Javoedge a little better as it seems the rubber is a tiny bit thicker and it has a tighter grip on the Treo. But personal preference. Also what color are the top tips of the pen/sylus you got. The one I bought has a black tip and it looks screwy in the silver hole. If yours is the same color as the stock stlus please let me know where you got it. I think I got mine through Seidio.



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    i have the same skin. i think it protects the treo from the minor hits it may receive while lifting/putting down/motioning. but i don't think it would protect it from a major fall from a distance into concrete. actually no case would protect it from such a fall. as of the non-slippery surface of the skin, that's a plus too. except when putting it in or pulling it out of the pocket.

    two things i don't like though.
    1. no protection for the screen (what do you people use for that? screen protectors?)
    2. lanyard can't be used. (i like using them)
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    Yup, I just got screen protectors too.

    Well I'm not using the lanyard but I'm lovin' the skin.
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    I have this same neoprene skin from Brando. It looks like they copied a similar one, but forget to add the loop. Great hold, full functionality, but the inside will get wet after using it daily for some time (a week or longer). So regular cleaning is neccesary. Even giving it a spin in the washingmachine is possible (disclaimer: remove Treo before cleaning ).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roel
    remove Treo before cleaning ).
    Damn, I knew there was something I forgot.

    btw I really like mineand I am beginning to remember to tuck my pocket back in .

    PS I dont use the lanyard
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    Use baby powder, every couple days, for the first few weeks to eliminate the tackiness. Mine is still grippy, but doesn't attract dust and lint. I can easily remove it from most pockets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nojobny
    When looking at the front of your treo, there is a small opening below the shift key.
    Trying this, no one can hear me during a call now?? Removed the lanyard and the same problem occured??? Where can I bill my repair too, do you have paypal?

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