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    I just read about iSkoot,, which lets you make international calls from your cell phone (the Treo or any mobile phone) for the cost of your regular minutes. The setup is a bit awkward, but it looks like iSkoot could be a good deal for Treo users who make a fair number of international calls.

    Now if only Skype had software for the Treo -- that would be really great.

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    Yea Skype would be better. Given most of us have unlimited data plans.

    PPC users are already enjoying this.
    Is Skype available for Mac OS, Linux, Palm OS, Pocket PC...?

    Currently, Skype is available for Windows 2000, XP, Pocket PC, Mac OS X and Linux. Stay tuned for more information about other platforms.
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    It's okay if you depend on skype-to-skype calls. But the Skype-Out rates aren't anything special imo and most of the international calls I make or to landline/mobile numbers anyway! Thus, unless there is a major price advantage to skype-out, I'll just stick to using calling cards or alternative internet telephony services like mychitchat that have similar internation rates with all the complications...
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