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    Now, I know that my 650 can accomplish wireless e-mail through a gsm carrier.

    But I have student loans to worry about. I'll wait until I'm retired to get a data plan.

    My main gripe is that VersaMail has no desktop hotsync conduit for the Macintosh user.

    Can anyone suggest a program that would be able to do such a thing?

    Is there such a thing?
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    Ideally, if your mailserver used IMAP, all your woes would be solved. If it's using POP3, shake your fists and them in anger and ask why do they support such an inferior protocol in favor of a more feature-rich one like IMAPr4.
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    It works great with Mail as well as the phone. I use Chattermail on the phone, but Versamail was ok for a timed mail fetch. Fastmail does have a free version you could try.
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    I don't think I made myself quite clear enough.

    I don't want to get mail on the go. I want to be able to hotsync my e-mail from my computer to my treo via USB in the morning, answer them, and then hotsync them back out when I get home.

    On the mac, this seems to be nearly impossible.

    Windows users are spoiled. Though they do get viruses. Bahaha.
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    I believe that the MS Entourage conduit will work with both the Palm Deksktop hotsync as well as the Missing Sync hotsync. I don't know if it's still available, if I remember correctly MS pulled it for some reason. If you have office, it should be on the install disk in the Additional Software section.

    I don't know what conduit will work with Apple Mail, if any. I'll browse a bit when I get back home (I'm traveling today) and let you know if I find anything.

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    Well I did a bit of digging and unfortunately though Entourage does sync with a mac's palm desktop, it doesn't sync e-mail (curses!).

    No luck yet, I'm still looking for one that will sync to Mail. Anyone know of one?

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