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    I have a Treo 650 from Verizon. I loaded the Versamail which came with it and then I loaded Mergic VPN. If I start Mergic, it sets up the VPN tunnel correctly and then if I start Versamail it connects to the mail server correctly. The problem is I am trying to set things up so if I start Versamail, it will automatically start the Mergic VPN. So far I can't get that to work.
    I've configured Mergic to do a Auto-Connect for Versamail, but it still doesn't work. One thing I've noticed is if I click on Connect VPN under Versamail, it just displays some page saying please load a VPN client. Plus if I go under System Prefs and select VPN, I get the same message.
    Anyone know the trick to get this to work?
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    I finally found another thread which explains Mergic doesn't properly support PalmOS 5, which is why the OS thinks there isn't a VPN client installed.
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    I think you are right. When I have used Mergic with Chatter/Snapper/<incert favorite email client here>, I always had to launch Mergic first to establish the tunnel. Never did find a one-step solution. Also, had to come along behind the update and close the Mergic connection to save battery life. What fun!

    Good luck!

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    cpaluch, did you ever figure out a solution for this? Just got my treo last night and I'm going to figure out a way to get a VPN connection before getting my email via IMAP.
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    MergicVPN only support PPTP - and your network VPN Gateway may be configured to use IPsec. If this is the case (ask you administrator) you will not be able to connect with the Mergic Client.

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