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    I have tried a zero-out reset on two different units, with another person and by myself, at least 30 times. I have never gotten it to work. All I ever get is the rainbow bootloader screen. These are the directions I'm following, and I've followed them to the letter:

    Any suggestions?

    Treo 650 - Cingular GSM
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    I tried a zero-out reset when I had the shadowmite 1.08 rom 3 installed. Got it to work several times, but screen only went dead about 15 seconds. According to manual, should be more like 10 minutes. Not sure if it did any good, but it did look like a hard reset once it came back up (all data was gone).

    After that, I flashed to the 1.12 rom (sprint) and since installing that flash, I haven't been able to invoke a zero-out reset. It just does the same as a hard reset now.

    Anyone ever get a ZOR to work once you install the 1.12 rom?
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    Silly question, if I do the Zero Reset does that wipe out my phone numbers stored on my SIM card ?

    I am using a demo unit and will have my permanent one next week.

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    No, it is only for the internal memory. If you want to be extra safe, take the SIM card out when you do it.
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    Thanks. So I can do this zero reset without a SIM card inserted ?

    If so, that's what I will do - for safety...

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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong here. . .

    Most of the time when you delete something on a computer, the data are still there but you just can't see it anymore. Therefore, people can be clever and write programs that can "undelete" files. This must be the way the Treo 650 works, too. Even during a hard reset.

    When you do a zero out reset, the entire RAM of the phone is overwritten so that nothing can be recovered from its previous state. That is why it should take longer than a hard reset. But it shouldn't take too long to write over 32 MB of memory. Maybe that is why it only takes seconds instead of minutes.
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    I did a zero out reset recently, and it only 'froze' for approx. 15seconds like everybody else. Palm are probably just covering themselves.

    Doing the Zero out wasn't easy & took several attempts until I read the instructions & followed them to the letter! - I was holding in the reset pin and not just clicking it.

    It has fixed numerous problems, mainly with Tom Tom 5.12 & rarely resests it's self now. Much more stable. recomended if you are having frequent resets.
    Unlocked GSM Treo 650, Holux GPSlim236 GPS BT receiver & Tom Tom v5.201
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