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    anybody seen this new bluetooth headset from sony ericsson?

    it uses dsp and bluetooh 2.0(???). i just wanted to know if it will work with the treo 650?

    also release date?
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    I am also wondering the same thing about the 610. Does BT2 make any difference with the Treo 650?

    I have seen a lot of good reviews on the HBH 300, but some folks on here have mentioned the low volume. I am leaning toward this one b/c of the length of the mic and the sound quality you can deliver, but I wanted to know if the 610 with BT2 will make an impact on the treo - does the treo itself need bluetooth software update in order to take advantage of BT2, or will it do so right away? I am not familiar with that at all and would love some insight - thank you!!
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    I (newbie) would like to know about this BT 2 thing as well. Are we stuck with BT 1 or is it possible that Palm will have an upgrade for us for BT 2?

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